Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ad Nauseum

Dear Apple...

"Funnest" is not a word, therefore it is impossible that your new Ipod is the "funnest" one ever. It might be the "Most Fun" Ipod ever, but since I have no basis for comparison, I am not comfortable making that judgement.

We, as a country, are stupid enough without you trying to make us more stupid while trying to sell the "funnest" Ipod ever. Knock it off.

Also,if you see Olive Garden, please tell her for me that her just barely above Chef-Boy-Ardee faux Italian food doesn't cure cancer, so the babbling goobers in their commercials shouldn't be so happy...they're at Olive Garden for goodness sake. No one goes to Olive settle for it.

Snarkily yours,

Notes From Nerdvana, Inc.


Bill O' Rights said...

Hey Chris:

Trade that Blackberry in on a Mac so that you can experience what we Apple kool-aid drinkers have known for so long: Apple rules! BTW Olive Garden isn't my first choice for Italian (Pomodoro is) but it covers the hunger pangs.......

Chris Ayers said...

To paraphrase some dude named Rumsfeld "You write your blog with the tools you have"

As far as Olive Garden stopping hunger will packing peanuts if you eat enough of them.

Anonymous said...

I'd take Olive Garden over Fazoli's any day of the week and thrice on Sunday