Monday, October 27, 2008

That Guy-Election Version

*You're hanging out with a group of friends. You decide to order pizza. One person decides that they don't want any, but tells you to go ahead & order it any way. Everyone picks what kind of pizza they like. Everyone kicks in to pay for the pizza. Pizza arrives and no-pizza guy decides he is hungry after all. He proceeds to eat pizza, complaining all the while about (a) the place you ordered from and (b) the fact that he would've picked different toppings. Never mind the fact that it took everyone at least 30-45 minutes to discuss, debate and decide what kind of pizza to order and where from while this loser kept insisting that he wasn't sure what he wanted, but he was positive it wasn't pizza, only to go ahead and eat without actually contributing to the order and having the nerve to b*%$ and moan about what kind of free pizza he was forcing down his pie hole.

For those of you who might've missed my subtle analogy...replace "pizza" with "vote" and it will become all too clear.

Next Tuesday...don't be That Guy!


Dan said...

I'm voting for the guy who promises the right to complain to those who refuse to vote.

Chris Ayers said...

That was, I believe, one of Kucenich's platforms.