Monday, October 20, 2008

So Conflicted

OK...the best thing to do when you have a huge secret is just to blurt it out and hope your friends still want to actually be your friends. I've been holding this back for a couple of days now...tossing & turning, losing sleep...I've been incredibly conflicted, but it's time to come clean....

I saw Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live...and I didn't hate her.

I wanted to...I really did. Her politics turn my stomach. The idea of her one heartbeat away from the Oval Office absolutely petrifies me. I'm also pretty sure she'd shoot me in the face and wouldn't really care if I apologized to the press or not.

But Saturday night, I didn't hate her. She looked like she was having a good time, had some decent moves during "Weekend Update" and didn't try and tear Alec Baldwin's throat out with her bare hands (and I wonder how many Ambien and scotches Baldwin had to choke down just to be on the same continent with her, much less arm in arm).

I've never actually hated the Governor as a person. I suspect in a few weeks, with her safely away from the Oval Office and sending her audition tape to Fox "News" (look for "Palin & Coulter" to premiere sometime next fall after Ann & Sarah kill and eat Hannity and's just the inevitable progression of the circle of life), that she won't even be a blip on my radar.

But I did want her to bomb Saturday...and bomb big. I mean Fat Man & Little Boy, Hiroshima and Nagasaki big. That didn't happen. But I did notice that she was gritting her teeth so hard that I thought she was going to break her own jaw...or Tina Fey's.

So, good job Governor. As a Vice-Presidential candidate, you're going to make an excellent talk show host...probably sooner than you think. Just call if you need a reference.

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bill o' rights said...

It's good to see you finally appreciate the Governor from the Great State of Alaska - the last best place in the Union. I know it is a bit hard for the Dems to understand how a freedom-loving woman can take down both a moose with a .300 Win Mag and a Baldwin brother with equal aplomb. Please recall that I want my Sun-Drop nice and cold on the Sunday after the election.

Oh that's right - I'm subbing for you on the 9th. So that's why you are going out of town! :)