Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Critical Mass or 57 Channels & Something's Finally On

The new Fall TV Season has finally kicked off and I'm as happy as a pig in mud. During the summer, I manage to keep my sanity with The Closer and Law & Order reruns on TNT...but my little heart grows three sizes come late September when original episodes return like the swallows to Capistrano to the networks. So, here's a day by day breakdown of what I'm watching this year.

The Big Bang Theory Live
How I Met Your Mother Live
Chuck DVR

I like Chuck...but Sheldon & Leonard over at the Big Bang Theory own this hour, coupled with Neil Patrick Harris reinventing himself as Barney Stimson on How I Met Your Mother rock my world.

Two And A Half Men DVR
Worst Week DVR
Heroes Live

Ordinarily, I'd watch "Men" live & record Heroes. But since Sainted Wife (a) likes Alan & Charlie better than Peter Petrelli and (b) she's usually fallen asleep before they start, I record 2.5 Men & the new (and funny in a "Meet The Parents" kind of way) Worst Week and check out Heroes live.

A brief word about Heroes...I like it a lot, but really enjoy weeks like this one that don't feature Mohinder "Dumbest Scientist Ever" Suresh and his "Cry Me A River" girlfriend.

Boston Legal DVR
My Own Worst Enemy Live

Denny Crane rules (you know he does!) and Sainted Wife is still napping, so when Christian Slater's new show premieres, I'll watch it live. Bamboo shoots under my fingernails couldn't make me sit through Caruso & CSI Miami.

House DVR

Sainted Wife is not as big a fan of Dr. Gregory House as I am...and, truth be told, I usually don't hang with him all season anyway, so we get comfort TV from Mark Harmon & the gang at NCIS

Fringe DVR

Fringe is really cool, but I enjoy it more watching it without commercials.

The only show on Wednesday for me is Pushing weird, so funny, so Kristin Chenowith!

My Name Is Earl

I'm out on Thursdays, so everything will be DVR...and it begins with Jason Lee in the criminally underrated "Earl." Consistently funny and who knew Jamie Pressley could be this good in anything. I'll give "Kath & Kim" a couple of weeks, but Molly Shannon and Selma Blair appear to be playing characters that I wouldn't want to meet in real life, so why should I watch them on TV?

The Office
30 Rock

Three great shows in the same time slot...thanks networks.

Life On Mars

I loved the original BBC version and with Harvey Keitel as (presumably) The Gov, I'm really excited about this one.


Damian Lewis and Sara Shahi are fantastic in this quirky cop show...unfortunately it's got a terrible time slot.

The Simpsons
King of the Hill
Family Guy
American Dad

No contest here. Cold Case is interesting, but it's the most depressing show on television.

Some may note there is no "reality" programming on my schedule. This is not a mistake. I hate the genre, hate the way it takes work away from talented writers and actors, hate the people who participate it and will not support it in any way.

There you have Prime Time Lineup. Enjoy, discuss, debate.

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