Friday, October 24, 2008

Election Day...TV Land Edition

With Andy Griffith, Ron Howard and Henry Winkler endorsing Barack Obama as their beloved tv alter egos in a new web video, it got me wondering just who the classic characters from my favorite shows would vote for.

So, let's go to the exit polls in TV Land & see what happened.

*From the 4077th MASH: Hawkeye Pierce, Trapper John, BJ Hunnicutt, Father Mulcahy, Max Klinger, Sherman Potter and Radar O'Reilly all voted for Obama. Splitting the vote, early years Hot Lips voted for McCain, while later years Hot Lips went with Obama. Major Charles Emerson Winchester also supported the Illinois Senator while Frank Burns voted for McCain.

*Obama swept the Mayberry, North Carolina district with the entire town voting for Change.

*McCain supporters included MacGyver, JR Ewing and Homer Simpson, who mistakenly thought he was voting for "McBain". When asked for a comment, Simpson replied "D'oh!"

*In Florida, the Golden Girls also split their vote. Dorothy and Rose went for Obama while Blanche voted for that "hunk of a man McCain." Sophia also voted for McCain, primarily because he was her date to the senior prom.

*Battleground state Pennsylvania saw Scranton's Dunder-Mifflin Paper solidly in Obama's camp with the entire office voting for him. The sole exceptions were accountant Angela and salesman Dwight Schrute. Oddly, the couple shared the same voting booth and could be heard loudly moaning, obviously agonizing over how to cast their ballots.

*At Bayside High's mock election, all votes went to Obama except one. A young man identified only as "Screech" cast his vote for McCain, stating that running mate Sarah Palin "made him feel all tingly."

Some precincts are still too close to call. The Dharma Initiative island is embroiled in a scandal involving the purge of smoke monsters from the voting rolls and in Camden County, local election official Joy Turner is refusing to release results until she gets "some of that Palin clothes money. Do you know how many tube tops $150 large will buy?"

But all in all, TV Land looks solidly blue this election year.

We now return to Murphy Brown and Ted Baxter at Election Central. This has been Les Nessman reporting for WKRP.


Dan said...

If you think citizens of rural North Carolina in the 1960s are going to vote for a half black man with a foreign-sounding name, you are delusional.

Also, a Catholic priest, Regular Army septugenarian and Boston Blueblood from the 1950s are as likely to vote for Obama as they are to sprout wings and fly to Omaha.

By the way, Sam Beckett would vote for Obama, but then he'd leap back 2 years afterward and vote for Nader.

Chris Ayers said...

I stand by my polling data.