Friday, September 26, 2008

Philosophy 101

There's a whole generation walking among us who take everything too, not too seriously, too personally.

There's a difference. The pain, suffering, injustice and corruption that happen on a daily basis deserves to be taken seriously. It affects all of us in one way or another and we ignore it at our peril.

But those who take it personally take it too far. They get so wrapped up in the pain and gloom that they can't function. They get so outraged that they can't think straight. They get so focused that they can't talk about anything else. Quite frankly, they wind up annoying their friends who secretly wish they'd lighten the frak up.

If you're one of these people (and let's be honest...we all are at one time or another), allow me to share two pieces of wisdom that have helped me in times of great stress.


That's it...the beginning and end of the whole "Why is the world/economy/political system screwed up like a soup sandwich" conundrum. Stuff happens all the time...good stuff, bad stuff, funny stuff, sad stuff...any time you have stuff, stuff's gonna happen. And it's gonna happen just because...because it can, because it will, because it's Monday, because we want it to, because we don't want it to...just because. Like the swallos returning to Capistrano, Stuff will happen just because and unless you've been appointed Supreme Being, we can't change that.

So...take the important stuff seriously, but not so personally you become a shrill, shrieking bore. Give yourself an afternoon off from saving the world once in awhile & watch the Three Stooges or Foghorn Leghorn cartoons, rent some Mel Brooks movies or take a nap. Stuff's gonna might as well have a few laughs while it does. Why? Just because.

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Bill O' Rights said...

I have to disagree with you here Ol 'Chap.

Stuff just doesn't just happen; there is always a underlying reason for everything, a cause-and-effect schema for everything going on in Life.

It's like arguing creationism versus evolution. If you believe that a couple of random lightning strikes into a pool of amino acids were the start of life on earth, then stuff just happens. If you believe in intelligent design where the masterful handiwork of God's creation is apparent then you are walking the right road. To quote Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence - "These truths are self-evident".

A lot of us cross the bridge before we get there and yes, I need to lessen my iron-grip on life. But in sharing prophecy we "Doctor Dooms" are performing a necessary function in the Body of Christ and are having a good time doing it. :)