Monday, September 22, 2008

Emmy Thoughts

Here are a few observations/ruminations about last nights Emmy awards.

*The 5 reality show hosts were a spectacularly bad idea. Tom Bergeron looked totally pissed off the entire evening, but he & Heidi Klum were the only two who didn't suck. Howie Mandel was ok, but the less said about Jeff Probst and Ryan Seacrest, the better.

*When 95% of the awards are won by cable networks, it says a lot about the quality of network television.

*Kathy Griffin demanding a standing ovation for Don Rickles justified her continued existence on the planet. I ordinarily would never, ever use the word "class" to describe her, but it was a classy move.

*Quoted for truth: "What did you win for? Reality program? So you didn't win for a real show." I love Don Rickles.

*Two good things will come from Stephen Colbert losing to Rickles: (1) I can't wait to hear his rant about it and (2) a probable appearance by Mr. Warmth on "The Colbert Report".

*I really loved "John Adams" winning most of its categories, but cutting off the writer while he was talking about a time when articulate men discussed important issues to tease the "Best Reality Show" award...not so much.

*Yay for 30 Rock...double yay for Alec Baldwin...triple yay for Tim Conway (one of the funniest men on the planet) winning for his guest role. Thanks, Tina Fey!

*Best presenter and (if the television academy had any brains at all) my choice for next year's host...Ricky Gervais.

*Josh Groban's theme show Josh Groban singing as Cartman from South Park...awesome!

*If your show is running long, perhaps consider cutting the painfully unfunny bit where the winner of Reality Host is delayed until after the commercial break. Better idea...dump the stupid reality show stuff back to basic cable and get it off a show that is supposed to honor creative and artistic achievement. Even better idea...dump reality all together, put the ridiculous sums earned from it into program development and talent acquisition and make shows that are thought provoking, exciting and funny again.

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mrs b said...

i didn't watch the emmys due to my beloved sunday night hbo new series'true blood'. i did see a clip from ricky gervasis, or however you spell his name, and i agree with you. he was hilarious...