Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mea Culpa...Gimmick Infringement

I must take a moment to apologize to my good friend & fellow blogger, the lovely and talented Ben Moser. Upon reading his entertaining, informative and opinionated blog (and if you know Ben, you also know he's nothing if not opinionated), I realized that I had committed that most grievous of crimes...gimmick infringement.

I have been calling my comic book picks "Funnybook of the Week"...which is also what Ben uses. I must have picked up the phrase by osmosis or that time honored literary tradition of "steal from the best." Ben has graciously not mentioned (or ignored) the fact that I have infringed upon his gimmick. But he was using it first and, if you've read his reviews, to much better effect. So, I will still be picking a book of the week, but I'm going to be calling it something else in deference to the good Dr. Moser.

With that being's what I'm getting this week....

DC Comics
Batman The Black Glove HC
Booster Gold #12
Final Crisis Revelations #2 (of 5)
Green Arrow Black Canary #12
Green Lantern Corps #28
Trinity #15
Wonder Woman #24

Marvel Comics
Deadpool #1
Secret Invasion #6 (of 8)

Not a huge week...but that' s kind of a relief since the past two weeks have been huge.

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Ben said...

Oh, there's been no mention of this because I'm almost certain I'm not the first person to use it. I will agree(from egotistical inference) that I am undoubtedly the best.