Saturday, August 30, 2008

Willful Ignorance

In honor of Labor are a few subjects that I know nothing about...

I have no vehicular expertise whatsoever. I suppose when your first car is a 1978 Buick Estate station wagon, you're just going to be happy that it runs. This ignorance applies to all mechanical devices. When something doesn't work, I tell the service guy (or lady) "The Goer is broke...please fix it & make it go." and then give them all my money.

I have a casual enough interest to keep up with what's going on in a general sense. But if you start getting in depth, I'm lost. I never played any sport well enough to want to follow it that closely & quickly discovered the best way to keep from getting yelled at by coached was to stay away from them altogether. That policy has worked out really well for all, the coaches & the team.

Or any financial transaction more complex than paying my monthly bills. I'm forced to see the business type shows at the gym and they just make my head spin. I risk imaginary money every time I write a check a week before payday, so don't try to explain pork futures to me...the pig would probably understand it better.

So...there you go. "What did this have to do with Labor Day?" you ask...well, I wrote it on Labor Day weekend and it was laborious to write and, I magine, to read. Now go have a hot dog & say goodbye to summer.


mrs b said...

happy labor day to you and yours. up north here we will miss the heat. before i know it i will be blogging about snow...

Bill O' Rights said...

Ditto on sports, I don't know anything about them and I couldn't care less. I love automobiles and the stock market so I can give you a few pointers about those.

Things I don't care about......

TV and popular culture - If it isn't Magnum PI, Gilligan's Island, Miami Vice, Discovery Channel and other history shows, I really have no interest in it. TV talking heads extolling the virtues of Lindsay Hilton and Paris Lohan are like Quint's fingernails sliding down a chalkboard. I rather be bitten in half by Bruce than listen to such nonsense.

Yard work and grass cutting - Spending $8k for a John Deere tractor to cut a 1/4 acre of over-fertilized turf grass is alien to me. People that ponder the mysteries of the latest fescue seed typically can't name the current Secretary of State.

NASCAR - I'm a car guy for 25+ years yet the alleged thrill of watching a track full of rednecks motoring under full-throttle for three hours continues to elude me. I would bet that the cars get more fan mail than the drivers. SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) racing is interesting but doesn't come on that often.