Sunday, August 17, 2008

Does Not Compute

In the interest of full disclosure, anyone reading this blog should know that it is composed on my trusty Blackberry. Why? Because I don't have a home computer.

When I tell people this they give me strange looks. They want to know why, in the Year of Our Lord 2008, I have yet to bring a magic computing box into my home. There is a very simple, obvious explanation.

I don't have $1,800...and I don't have a legal, non-debt causing way of getting $1,800.

Until now.

You see, according to Facebook & My Space (my prestigious research firm), I have approximately 200 friends. If each of my friends were to "donate" let's say $10, we could lick this "Chris Don't Have A Computer" in no time at all.

I could then improve the look of the blog, thereby increasing your enjoyment and providing a tangible return on your investment!

So what are you waiting for? Skip those 3 gallons of gas & do something nice for a worthy

Donations are non-tax deductible, but I'll say something nice about you when you die.


mrs b said...

nice try. how bout you buy me a blackberry. give and take. feel the love my southern friend...

Bill O' Rights said...

When you finally get one get a Mac; a Mac is to a PC as the Mona Lisa is to a Velvet Elvis. I have been a faithful user since 1994 and have been through four of them since then. Rush praises them highly on his radio show and he certainly isn't a lib. :)