Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Conventional Wisdom & Books of the Week

  • Four years from now, I'm going to find a way to have the goofy hat concession at the party conventions. I bet I could make a bunch of Newspaper hats, sell them to delegates and retire on the profits.
  • If you are a candidate, I don't care what song they play...for the love of God & in the name of all that is Holy...DON'T DANCE. There is nothing more awkward than watching 50-something career politicians trying to bust a move.
  • I loved the fact that during the Hillary Clinton video package, they chose to use the super "Hillary's Husband" when Bill was talking.
  • Will I be watching the Republican Convention next week? No. I know who I'm going to vote for already. Besides, if it runs true to form, I don't need to hear multiple speeches about how we're all in in danger of imminent nuclear destruction if Obama is elected. Given the choice between the "We Are Family-I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke" sometimes goofy optimism of the Democrats & the "Eve Of Destruction-Meet The New Boss (Same As The Old Boss)" fear mongering of the Republicans, I'll take optimism for $1,000 Alex.

We have two winners for Funnybook of the Week. Both were excellent in their own ways, so I just couldn't pick one.

First up is Final Crisis: Rogue's Revenge #2 by Geoff Johns & Scott Kollins. The Rogues take their war against Libra to a new level and Captain Cold settles some family business. I'm getting a real "Wild Bunch" vibe off of this title. I can easily see the Rogues making one doomed last stand and going out in a blaze of glory by the end of this mini-series. Johns continues to explore just what makes the Flash's Rogues Gallery more than just another group of costumed criminals. With hints of betrayal from within and Zoom and Inertia on the horizon, it looks like this one will wrap up with a bang!

My second pick is DC Universe: Last Will And Testament by Brad Meltzer. This was originally solicited as a tie-in to "Final Crisis", but works fine as a stand alone story. Meltzer does take a look at what various heroes in the DC Universe do on the night before what might be their final battle. But he also takes the opportunity to tie up some plot threads that hearken back to his run on "Justice League of America" and even as far back as "Identity Crises". I never had a strong opinion about Geo-Force before...he came to prominence during my absence from comics. Truthfully, until this issue, he never seemed more fully rounded as a character. But Meltzter made me care about him...and that's the mark of a good writer.

Honorable mention goes to Nova #16 and Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #1. Nova for being a Secret Invasion tie-in that also more than holds its own as a stand alone issue and Superman Beyond for the ideas and psychotic genius that is Grant Morrison.