Saturday, August 16, 2008

More Random Stuff

*Regarding the John Edwards the very, very least, the woman in question was age-appropriate. It's not much, but still

*Phrases that are never good:

"We Need To Talk"

"Step Into My Office...Close The Door Behind You"

"I Don't Care...Do Whatever You Want"

"Do You Think She's Pretty?"

"You'll Thank Me Later"

*Anyone who knows me at all can attest to the fact that I am one of the laziest men on the planet. Which is why many were surprised to discover I had joined a gym. I've been asked why I made this decision.

The simple answer is that when normal, everyday activities like getting out of bed & brushing my teeth got me wheezing like an asthmatic cheetah, it was time for a change. I thought it might be a good idea not to be dead.

1 comment:

monkeyblanchard said...

please dont die on the treadmill as gym owners frown upon that as it is bad publicity.

i am guessing it would really be a drag being an asthmatic cheetah. living in the jungle with plant and animal dander allergies...