Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Political Thoughts & Funnybook Stuff

So, the conventions have started with the Democrats first out of the gate. I will admit to only watching a little bit last night...I was actually peeping Season 4 of "The West Wing" (I find it ironic that, even with a candidate I can get behind, I'd rather watch fictional politicians than real ones)...but here are a few random observations from what I did see...and this was MSNBC's coverage, by the way.

*It was very nice of NBC to hire Tim Russert's son, but perhaps putting him on the air at one of the biggest events of the year wasn't such a good idea. Live TV is hard enough without the barely controlled chaos of a political convention.

*Bill Maher is, was and always will be a jackass.

*I want a convention highlight reel channel...just show me the major speeches so I don't have to hear the same filler commentary over and over and over and over until I want to slam my head into the wall.

*I saw that Cindy McCain was heading to Georgia to survey the civilian devastation brought on by the recent conflict. I'm not sure what Mrs. McCain's qualifications are...but I imagine we could get the same result if you sent just about anybody..."Stuff was blown up real bad & lots of people were hurt".

So...that's my completely shallow & nowhere near complete coverage of the 20 minutes or so of the Democratic National Convention I watched between "West Wing" episodes. More to come, if I don't take a nap or something.

To shift gears...it's a rather large funnybook week this week...lots of stuff coming out, so (a day early)...here's what I'm getting...

Ambush Bug: Year None #2
Blue Beetle #30
Brave And The Bold HC Vol. 02: The Book Of Destiny
DC Universe: Last Will And Testament #1
Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge #2
Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #1
Jack Of Fables #25
JLA Deluxe Edition HC Vol. 01
Justice Society Of America #18
Metal Men HC
Reign In Hell #2
Superman #679
Trinity #13

Mighty Avengers #17
New Avengers #44
Nova #16
Thunderbolts #123

Good reads a-plenty this week. I'm particularly looking forward to "DC Universe: Last Will & Testament", which marks Brad Meltzer's return to comics.

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