Sunday, August 24, 2008

Odds & Ends

*So, I'm watching the tube on Friday & lo and behold, there's Gary Coleman. The actor formerly known as "Arnold" was telling me about this great finance company who will easily loan you the money you need. Easy terms, quick answers, blah blah blah. Gary said the average loan was $2,600...I've seen thousands of these ads, but it was the fine print that got my attention. The APR on the loan was 99.25%...I had to pause it & make sure I hadn't had an anyeurism & misread it. But there it was...99.25%. So, once you make the 42 monthly payments of $250 or so (assuming you don't miss one & have to surrender a kidney), you've payed over $9,100. "Whatyou Talkin' Bout Willis" indeed.

*If you missed the "John Adams" miniseries that ran on HBO, run & see it as soon as possible. I finished watching the dvd today. Paul Giamatti is brilliant...but then again, he usually is.

*Other stuff I watched this weekend and highly recommend:

Dan In Real Life (A very sweet & low-key performance by Steve Carrell)
12 Angry Men (An undisputed classic & should be shown in high school civics classes)
Definitely, Maybe (Very enjoyable)

*I can't recommend the John Cena movie "The Marine" (don't judge me...), but Robert Patrick looks like he had a ball playing the villain.

Another week is upon us. Another week closer to the new Fall TV season. Look for my picks soon.

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