Monday, January 26, 2009

Karma Can Be A, Well You Know

Four years ago, we had to get new windows. After a lengthy sales pitch from Sears Home Central (A name you can trust), we decided to go with them.

We were told we had one year to pay with no interest (which if you've ever priced windows, you'll know why we laughed & laughed), so we asked what the monthly payment would be after that. The first bill came & it was indeed the quoted price. Subsequent bills were higher & we discovered that the salesman hadn't revealed that we had an adjustible interest rate (something that is out of the question for us.) Long story short, we went to the Credit Union, paid 'em off & vowed never to use them again.

So tonight, a nice young man from Sears Home Central (A name that means "We'll rip you off."), offering free quotes for home improvements. I asked if they were still sticking people with adjustible rates without telling them. He said they'd gotten a lot of feedback about that & that's why they were "giving back to the community by offering these quotes." I told him politely, "Thanks but no thanks."

Karma sure can be a %i&$~.

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