Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Rage is all the rage these days. Everyone's ticked off about something: the economy, elections, name it, somebody's p.o.ed about it.

But there's a special type of anger that has gone widely unnoticed but attention must be paid.

I speak of (insert dramatic musical sting) Geek Rage.

No group of people can get their Underoos in a twist faster than geeks. There are literally thousands of topics that can send them off into spasms of anger and frustration. For example:

*Star Trek vs Star Wars
*Marvel vs DC
*PC vs Mac
*Superman vs Batman
*Harry Potter vs Lord of The Rings
*Any filmed adaptation of a beloved childhood cartoon/comic book/tv show

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I am a proud card-carrying geek myself (I know you're shocked) and participated in many discussions/arguments that are so geeky they make me want to give myself a wedgie. But until the worldwide Interweb gave geeks a voice, I never knew what real, hardcore Geek Rage looked or sounded like.

It's not pretty...but it is funny. Don't believe me? Go to and read the talkback section on pretty much any topic. Responses start out with reasonable differences of opinion and quickly degenerate into profanity, name calling and character assassination of the highest order. And this is typically about movies that haven't even been shot yet.

It's ridiculously easy to set geeks fact, I bet I can do it right now. we go:

I haven't seen "Twilight" and don't plan too because I'm not a 15-year old, too much mascara wearing, Hot Topic shopping Anne Rice reading girl.

Too easy? All right, let's try another one:

The shows we loved growing up? Mostly crap. Especially the cartoons. "GI Joe"...crap. "Transformers"...crap. "He-Man"...crap with a sword. "Thundercats"...a clumpy litter box full of crap. Poorly animated, lowest common denominator, toy commercial crap.

I bet some of you are really ticked off right now.'re a geek. Welcome to my world.

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