Saturday, July 18, 2009

Truth In Advertising

As I write (type?)this, I'm wearing my "White And Nerdy" shirt that I got at a Weird Al Yankovic concert. There's no irony involved: Iam indeed white and am most definitely nerdy, so I consider it to be truth in advertising.

Which got me to thinking...why hasn't anyone come up with a t-shirt that automatically displays the personal characteristics of the wearer?

Think of how much time it would save and the conflicts it would prevent.

*When approaching women, guys could read the shirt that said "Dude, You Have No Shot" and avoid awkwardness and rejection.

*Women on blind dates could see "I Have Intimacy Issues And Watch ESPN All Day" and bail before the appetizer.

*Job interviews could be streamlined with the prospective employee reading "We're Going To Work You To Death For No Money" and interviewers seeing "I'm A Lazy Weasel Who Steals Office Supplies."

There are thousands of applications and the technolgy has to exist.

I may have come up with the way to world peace. You're welcome.

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