Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spoiler Warning!

Don't you hate people who give away the ending? With that said...SPOILER WARNING

Citizen Kane: Rosebud was his sled

The Sixth Sense: Bruce Willis was a ghost

Ghost: Patrick Swayze was a ghost

Gone With The Wind: Rhett Butler frankly didn't give a damn

The Crying Game: She was a He

Tootsie: She was a He

Victor/Victoria: He was a She

Godfather II: It was you, Fredo

The Empire Strikes Back: The Empire strikes back

Rocky: He loses

Rocky II: He wins

Rocky III: Mickey dies

Rockey IV: Apollo dies

The Alamo: Everybody dies

Dirty Dancing: Baby gets out of the corner

Soylent Green: It's people

Stand and Deliver: Kids take a math test...twice

Titanic: The boat sinks

The Outsiders: Ponyboy stays gold

Oceans 11: They get away with it

Oceans 12: They get away with it in France

Oceans 13: They get away with making Oceans 11 all over again

Raging Bull: Jake LaMotta was not a very nice man

Alien: There's an alien

Aliens: There's a bunch of aliens

Transformers: They're disguise!

1 comment:

Jake said...

Dammit, Chris! I always knew that "Rosebud was his sled" was a spoiler but I never knew which movie it was a spoiler to! Thanks for spoiling that spoiler for me, ya jerk.