Monday, July 6, 2009

Movies I Want To Make: Superman Forever

Superman has had a checkered history on the big screen. There have been two great movies (the original "Superman" and "Superman II"), two horrible movies ("Superman III: We Got Richard Pryor" and "Superman IV: A Steaming Pile Of Crap") and one interesting failure ("Superman Returns" with a great performance by Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor.) Since (a) Superman is my favorite comic book character and (b) I can bend time & space with my blog, I'm going to put on my fantasy producing hat & make the ultimate Superman movie.

Executive Producer: Me
Produced by Steven Spielberg
Directed by JJ Abrams
Written by Michael Chabon and David S. Goyer

Brendan Fraser as Superman/Clark Kent
Kate Walsh as Lois Lane
Michael Douglas as Lex Luthor
Jude Law as General Zod
Dean Stockwell as Perry White

Superman has made Metropolis the safest city in America. Under his watch, crime is virtually non-existent and he is beloved by everyone. Everyone but billionaire industrialist Lex Luthor. In his quest to undermine the Man of Steel, Luthor has sent an expedition to the arctic that has returned with an ancient Kryptonian relic that unleashes an unstoppable force on the city: Doomsday!

As the creature wreaks havoc, Superman tries to stop the beast, but is soundly defeated. All hope seems lost when, out of nowhere, Doomsday is stopped by another super-powered hero...the legendary Kryptonian military hero General Zod. While recuperating from his wounds in the Fortress of Solitude, Superman sees Zod take his place as Metropolis' new savior.

When Zod & Luthor release the remaining prisoners of the Phantom Zone to rule not only over Metropolis but the entire world, Superman returns to fight an epic battle to save the world.

The End...cue tons and tons of money on opening weekend.

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Dan said...

I liked it better the first time I saw it... when it was called "A Walk to Rermember"