Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Long & Short Of It

I've been asked by a few people why I don't perform long-form improv at ComedyWorx. Is it because I hate it (No.) Is it because I think short form is better (Again, No.) Is it because I sucked at it when I did it (That's a matter of opinion, but I hope, No.)

For me, it was a question of time & availability. I took levels 1 and 2 and enjoyed the classes. I felt they helped my overall development as an improviser. But I had to make some decisions before level 3 started.

I knew that potentially adding another night of practice on top of my regular Thursday night ComedyWorx practice was going to severely test the patience of Sainted Wife. She's been very gracious & accomodating these past 5 years where shows and practices have been concerned. There have been many weeks when I've been gone three nights in a row and two of those were weekends. Any additional time commitments (coupled with the fact that it's about a 25 minute drive from Durham to the club) would be asking an awful lot of her.

Secondly, while I like long form, I realized that I truly love short form. I get a huge kick out of performing in the 8:30 makes me happy. So I decided to stick with the form that brought me the most joy.

I'm thrilled that ComedyWorx offers something for lovers of all kinds of improv. I also marvel at the talent I see onstage during the Late Night at the Worx shows. That's the cool thing about improvisation as an art form...there's something for everyone!


Jake said...

Exactly the same reasons I have also stopped with the longform classes, but with me there's the additional caveat of the price. Besides, if I were to be gone another night at practice, that'd just make it easier for you to steal Amber.

PS: I finally caved and got a blog on here! So now I can post comments and write blogs and stuff. How fun is that?

Chris Ayers said...

No matter how devastatingly charming or ridiculously handsome I am, I could or would never steal Amber. She's got better taste than that.

I've added you to my "blogs that rock" section. Stick a follow button on yours & I'll do that too.