Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Simply Amazing

No matter what happens tonight, when we get up in the morning we will be living in a whole new world.

Millions of people-conservatives, liberals, Christians, Jews, Atheists, veterans, college students, grandmothers, plumbers, mayors, community organizers, teachers, preachers, self-employed, unemployed and countless more besides-got up this morning and decided that they were going to change the world, one vote at a time.

Think for a minute just how amazing that is...that we have the right and privilege to decide who will be the leader of the free world. For two years, we've been listening to every expert on both sides of the aisle, pundits and pastors, our friends and even our enemies tell us who they think we should vote for. But in the end, it all comes down to one citizen, one vote.

I'm as partisan as the next guy and I passionately want my candidate to win...but just for a minute, I want to marvel at the spectacle of so many Americans who don't agree coming together on one day with one purpose...to make their voice heard by voting.

We live in cynical times and any number of folks are more than happy to tell you why your vote doesn't count, that you're just wasting your time and effort and that no matter who wins it's going to be the same old same old.

Don't believe it. People vote for one simple reason...they hope things will be better than they currently are. Hope is a good thing. Without hope, we die.

So, in the few short hours before the returns start coming in and we get focused on winners and losers and what it all means...take a second to be amazed and grateful to live in a country where anyone, from any walk of life, can cast their ballot and make their voice heard.

Good Night, Good Luck and God Bless America

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