Monday, March 29, 2010

My Jeffrey Story

I couldn't verbalize this last night, but I wanted to share it.

Last January, for my 40th birthday, we had made plans to go out of town. For a variety of reasons, those plans fell through. So, we decided to just hang out at Frankie's & let people know we'd be there if they wanted to come by & help me celebrate this milestone.

Since my birthday that year fell on Super Bowl Sunday along with all the other things that people had going on, coupled with the fact that it was so last minute, I wasn't terribly surprised when after a couple of hours no one had shown up. Except that Jeffrey did.

We hung out for a while, played some games, won some tickets & had a nice visit. The next week, I mentioned to Richard that I appreciated Jeffrey coming by while he was home to visit. Richard told me that Jeffrey had driven in from Greensboro just to come see me for my birthday.

That meant a lot to me then & it means even more to me now.

Anyway...that's my Jeffrey story. Rest well, my friend. I'm gonna miss you.


Kevin Charapp said...


Thank you for sharing. I know all that spent countless hours with Jeffrey have seen many different sides of him. We all saw the public side that he showed and the private side that could not hide. He was often misunderstood and almost always underestimated. I remember the little things that made him stand out as a good soul. The helpful, thoughtful guy that wanted the best for each of us. From helping to make life easier behind the concession stand, to our time at the card games, to the warm welcomes and good-byes at the club, Jeffrey you will be missed.


Candice said...

Amazing. I love this story! He was amazing, and I can only hope everyone who was around him got to know him well enough to know that.