Sunday, April 12, 2009

Keeping The Faith

I spend a lot of time on the Facebook & the Twitter. As it's gotten closer to Easter, I've noticed an interesting trend that, quite frankly, kinda bums me out.

I understand that not everyone shares my faith. That's fine...religion (or having no religion) is a personal choice and one that comes after long periods of soul-searching. As far as I'm concerned, as long as you respect me & my choice, I'll respect you & yours.

But what's troubling is that it seems like it's OK to be disrespectful & rude to people of faith & mock everything associated with it.

I know that in many cases, Christians have behaved badly to people who don't believe. We've brought some of the anger on ourselves by not living up to what we've been taught.

But Christians, like all large groups, are made up of individuals. Many of whom would never think of verbally abusing others or hating people they've never met. It makes me sad to see all of us painted with the same brush just because a few act like jerks.

Of course, the easy answer is, "Stop acting like jerks.". But when dealing with people, there are no easy answers.

Despite what some say, Christians aren't perfect. We struggle every day to reconcile our faith with a world that doesn't want to know about it.

If you don't believe what I believe & I mock you for it, then you have every right to think I'm an intolerant jackass. But somehow it's OK for you to mock what I believe & I'm "too sensitive" if I take it personally? Is a little mutual respect too much to ask?


Jessica said...

People commonly mock what they don't understand. Doesn't help, also, that for some people, Easter is the holiday where a giant rabbit brings everyone Marshmallow Peeps. But keep your chin up. People have issues with everything. It just becomes more apparent when faith is involved.

Chris Ayers said...

Oh, my chin is up. I never felt *personally* attacked or persecuted. Just mild to middling irritation.

To use a vaguely coded example (which I've used before, but stay with me): You like cookies. I do not care for cookies. If I think "I do not like cookies, but he does, no skin off my nose." But, if I not only say that I don't like cookies, but tell people that anyone who does like cookies is stupid, then I'm being a nozzle.

Cookies or cake...there's room for all desserts.